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Leah will ber performing at Penthouse...err, I mean hosting at Cocktails and Holywater at Penthouse in Vancouver on December 12th. Come see the show.


Happy Birthday Leah

Original CupcakesJust wanted to drop a quick note to wish Leah a "Happy Birthday". We of course can figure out how old she is, but saying it aloud is just not polite. :)

Lauren's Birthday is coming up too (this Thursday). She's just 3 days younger than Leah...go figure. Happy birthday to both the birthday girls.

(PS: Lauren was in a recent epi of BSG. Granted, not much focus on her, but on the show non-the less. You can see her in other epis if you look hard enough...all be it briefly and usually out of focus.)

Lauren on BSG


FedCon 17 DVD with 8 BSG Panels & 4 Interviews

Leah Cairns & Nicki ClyneI got an e-mail from the people at over the weekend. It seems they're promoting the sale of a DVD from FedCon 17. The DVD hasn't been produced yet, and won't be unless they get 150 pre-orders. For those Leah fans, the plan is to include Leah's solo panel, her joint panel with Nicki Clyne and Leah and Nicki's joint interview. You can get more details here.

In short, e-mail Intex Digital Sound at (yes they speak English) and pre-order a NTSC version (for us North Americans) of the DVD. It'll cost about $30 plus S&H.

It seems to me this DVD would be a great souvenir for those who attended the Con, and an awesome addition to a DVD collection for those who didn't attend. I've already placed my order.


88 Minutes Premiere and A New Film

Leah CairnsAl PacinoLeah attended the premiere of the film 88 Minutes in Las Vegas last week. Doesn't she look fabulous? Personally I think Leah could wear a paper bag and make it look incredible, but then I'm understandably biased. :) Actually, now that I think of it, did you know that one of the dresses Leah is wearing in the photo gallery is made of dryer sheets? Guess which one it is. Now that's dedication to saving the environment! There will be some more pictures of Leah on our Media page very soon. Probably tomorrow.

Alicia Witt & Leelee SobieskiAnyways, Leah plays Sara Pollard - a love interest of Dr. Jack Gramm (Pacino). She's featured heavily in the first several minutes of the movie. I don't want to give any plot away so I'll just stop now with my synopsis. You can see some of Leah's roll in the our video section.

The incredible Al Pacino also walked the red carpet along with the gorgeous Alicia Witt. I think there was definately something for everyone in this film - a beautiful and fantastically talented group.

Benjamin McKenzieAlso at the premiere were, Leelee Sobieski. Isn't she great? Watch for her in "Walk All Over Me" with Tricia Helfer. I hear it's being released in the US soon. S&M BABY! Benjamin McKenzie is in 88 Minutes too (yummie!!). Does anyone else miss the show 'The OC' if only to have a chance to oggle Ben (aka young Russel Crowe)? (Did you know Bennie has a new dog named Oscar!? Hmm, nothing subliminal about that eh Ben?) But I digress.

Oh and some late breaking, totally unconfirmed news! Chris found this link with a possible new gig for Leah in "Tales of an Ancient Empire!" a proposed sequel (of sorts) to "Sword and the Sorcerer" Sword and Sorcery Sequel Who want's to bet Leah will be a sexy demonic vampire? There aren't a lot of details, and I don't have official confirmation yet. I'll ask Leah soon. Promise.

Lauren & Chris

Mega Con Convention and BSG News

Peter Mayhew aka. ChewbaccaWell, it sounds like Leah had a great time at Mega Con. She got to meet some really cool people and hang out with some old friends. Leah said that she got to meet Peter Mayhew, aka Chewbacca. I have to say that meeting Chewbacca would be very cool. What sort of Star Wars questions would you ask him? I have a list. Somewhere.

Mark SheppardShe also said she spent a lot of time with Mark Sheppard. You'll remember him from BSG (I assume you watch it!!) as the lawyer who defends Baltar and works with Lee Adama. Sorry to those who haven't seen those episodes.

Steve BacicLeah also hung out with Steve Bacic, another amazing (and oh so gorgeous... ahem... sorry) Vancouver based actor. It must have been nice to be able to spend time with another actor she knew.

Apparently there were some crazy costumes and impressive artwork at the convention. People were showing up wearing BSG costumes that would pass muster with the wardrobe department of the show. They were that good. Leah said that a gentleman named James (last name unknown - sorry James) made an incredible replica of a cylon head with glowing eyes. He asked Leah to autograph the one he had and then he's going to make another and send it to her. That would be one awesome memento to have, wouldn't it? As soon as Leah gets her cylon head, we're going to get pictures and post them up. That's just too cool.

Some more super cool news! Caprica has been green lighted! So far it's just for a two-hour pilot event, rather like with the original BSG. But that's okay! We'll take it.

Whew, that's a lot of info. Oh yes, one last bit. Leah says she will possibly be going to Starfury in London before Fedcon in Germany. Busy busy is our Leah. I don't envy her that schedule.


Here's a picture of the Cylon head Lauren was just talking about I saw this on and figured I'd share with you here. There's a good report of Leah's MegaCon experience written by Joel Cooke. Go check it out.


Leah Cairns Wallpapers Added

I just uploaded some Leah wallpapers in the Media section for your desktop enjoyment. Hope you like.

I've also been updating the video section from time to time, so there's several new clips in there. Leah's showing in Saved, all the Kyle XY showings, and some Sanctuary snippets.


A Leah Cairns Visit and some News

Chris and I went to see Leah last weekend. What an incredibly warm and welcoming hostess she was. We talked quite a bit and she gave us a few tidbits about Battlestar Galactica and Sanctuary. She said that production on Season 4 for Battlestar will be starting up again sometime in March. Whew. We were really glad to hear that the season, and the show would be finished properly.

SanctuaryShe also told us that working on a show like Sanctuary was very interesting. Everything is done on green screen, so they had to pretend everything that was around them - walls, some furniture and even some of the characters. Talk about having to use your imagination.


Videos, Strike and a Meeting

A few more updates! Woo hoo! First, Chris has kindly uploaded some more clips of Leah on our Media page. One of them is a great video called "Taking My Life Away" by Default. It's a great song and Leah does an awesome job...of course. :)

Second update, it sounds like the writers' stike is going to be ending very very soon! Hopefully we'll know by the end of today if the writers have voted to end the strike. Fingers and toes crossed everyone. I for one really want some new shows to be put into production. Battlestar Galactica actually had to stop filming midway though season 4, so hopefully it will be able to finish. This also means that most likely Kyle XY, Leah's other show, will be going into production sometime soon.

Third update, I'm going to be meeting with Leah in a couple of weeks to talk to her some and also get some more pictures for the gallery. We're planning on making some wallpapers, so you have that to look forward to.


More Leah Cairns Videos

Hey all, just uploaded a few snippets of video from Godiva's. You can check them out in the media section.


Leah Cairns and Kyle XY

Now for an 'oooh, aaah' moment. I have been in touch with Leah. She is incredibly touched that we decided to make this site. She actually used the word 'awe' to describe her feelings. Not too shabby eh? Sometime soon, I will be asking her some more questions. Questions like: how is the stike affecting you? What is your next upcoming job that you're allowed to talk about? What is your favorite color? Profound and inspirational questions like that. :)

Two episodes of Kyle XY have aired since my last blog. And yes, I have seen them both. Leah plays a smallish (but vital of course!!) part in both episodes, but the suggestion of a larger part looms. The next bit contains a bit of a spoiler, so read at your own risk. She is now the head of the devision of Madacorp that Ballantine (the bad guy) once ran. Does that mean that Leah's character is now going to be the main, or at least most visible, enemy? I hope so. I've heard that playing a bad guys is loads of fun for actors. The offical date and time for Kyle XY is Mondays at 8/7c.


Leah Cairns Convention Information

Hey! I got some information a coupe of days ago about some conventions Leah will be attending. Here they are:

MegaCon (Florida) March 7-9

Starfury (Heathrow) April 11-13

FedCon (Germany) April 18-20

Marcon (Ohio) May 23-25

AdventureCon (Tennessee) June 13-15

DragonCon (Atlanta) Aug29-Sep 1st


Leah Cairns Videos Added

Hey all, just added a video section to the media page. There's only one video up there now from Sanctuary 1x06 but I have more in the works. Just gota find the time to do some cutting.


Why We're Here

Welcome to the Leah Cairns fan site. I will be your host for this evening. My name's Lauren and I'll be writing up most of the blogs and trying to find any and all info related to Leah. Any and all info that doesn't violate her privacy and turn me into a creepy stalker that is. Have I gotten off on the wrong foot here? I do seem to try and shove both of them into my mouth... simultaneously at times. But I digress. We're all here to talk about Leah.

Ashley JuddCurrently, the lovely Leah is working on the film "Helen" with Ashley Judd and Goran Visnjic. Those of you who know the Vancouver film scene will notice that David Hewlett and David Nykl from Stargate Atlantis (another sci-fi show filmed in Vancouver) are also in this film. Hold on. I don't think Leah's ever worked on either of the Stargate shows. A gave oversight I'm sure. Perhaps next season once the writer's strike is over.

Kyle XYAh yes, the pesky writer's strike. Pesky in the same way an earthquake can be pesky. Because of this strike, Battlestar Galactica ended filming part way through their fourth season. There are high hopes that once the strike is over, everyone will come back to finish off the season. However, the longer it takes to end the strike, the slimmer the chance that this will happen. So do your best to send out the word that you'd like the strike to end. Right now! The strike also is probably affecting Leah's other major show - Kyle XY. If you can't have a script, it's pretty darn hard to film an episode. Hmmm, an entire episode of improve could be interesting. Or maybe just scary. Let's move on. On the upside, Kyle XY did finish filming it's current season. I hear they're airing a new episode on January 14th, so please tune in. Just to watch Leah of course.

That's it for now. Welcome to the site.


Leah Cairns Fan Welcome Message

Welcome to Leah Cairns fan site.

Chris & LeahAbout a year ago (Winter of 2006) I was able to get an invite to the Battle Star Galactica season wrap party. I'm not much of a fan type when it comes to celebs... never once have I bought a celeb rag, but boy, that night I was like a kid in a candy store. Now, to be honest, I had my sights set on meeting Tricia Helfer (which by the way I got to do... twice now!) I even got a photo taken with her (and the grin on my face lasted like 2 days). Anyways, I also got to meet Leah at that party. I was so excited when I saw her. I LOVED Godiva's (I was pretty pissed when it was canceled). Meeting Leah was the highlight of my evening. I KNOW! I figured meeting Tricia would be the highlight. Don't get me wrong, Tricia was awesome too! Leah was just so sweet and nice to me - I was totally blown away by her charisma.

The next day I decided I'd build a fan site (I'm such a geek!). There's a bit more to it than just deciding to build the site, but it's not that exciting so I won't share. This site is basically a result of my meeting Leah in person. It's funny how a brief meeting can have such an impact on people. We'll be expanding and growing the site trying keep up to date with everything that is Leah (in a non-stalking sort of way of course). So stick around.


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