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Leah CairnsWhen Leah was 3 years old, she started taking dance classes, and from that moment on she was hooked. All she wanted to do was dance. Until Leah was 16, for 6 days a week, she studied different forms of dance - ballet, jazz & tap.

Tragically, when Leah was 16 years old her car was stuck by a drunk driver and her back was broken. She spent a month in the hospital and her spine was held together using wire and support rods. She was made to wear a support brace for 3 months after she got out of the hospital to protect her spine. Determined not to let the accident stop her, Leah snuck out to the gym to exercise in order to stay in shape to dance. Unfortunately, the stress on her back was too much and she had to stop.

To add insult to injury, Leah's dance troop made it into the North American Championships for the first time ever that year, and Leah couldn't go. Instead of allowing the disappointment to stop her, Leah decided to go on an environmental studies trip down to Costa Rica for three and a half weeks. The trip changed her life. She decided that everything happens for a reason and that she would give up dance and study Environmental Science. She also discovered a love of travel.

In between studies at university, Leah spent the next 8 years traveling all over the world, and visited 36 countries. India ended up being one of Leah's favorite countries. In fact, it was in India that Leah got her first taste of acting. At an ashram in India, she saw a notice for an improve acting night. After participating in the improve class, the teacher came up to Leah and asked her which theatre company she was a part of. Laughing, Leah said that she'd never taken any acting before. The teacher was so impressed he invited her to come to his acting workshop. At this point, Leah's back was causing her incredible pain. Leah told the teacher that if he could fix her back, she'd stay and take his class. Three days of treatments later by the healers at the ashram and she was pain free. She took the acting class and loved it. In the acting class was an actress from Vancouver. She encouraged Leah to seriously consider acting as a career.

Within six months of returning home to Vancouver, Leah had an agent and was a working actor. The rest as they say, is history.

Leah now lives in Vancouver with her husband and her dog, Godiva. She recently finished filming "Helen" with Ashley Judd and Goran Visnijic.

AbaresqueArabesque Pictures is a production company Leah founded with a friend of hers, Orsolya Szabo, in 2004. They have produced one film so far, Lelek, which focuses on the last months of a father dying of cancer and his daughter's attempts to fight his death. These two brave producers want to make films that, in their own words, "...move, inspire and motivate growth."



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